Edger Products

Edgers from Goserud make cleaner, easier work of cutting grass and turf overgrowing the edges of walks, curbs and driveways. They also cut cleaner, straighter lines on sod encircling shrubs and trees.

The unique Goserud cutting wheel design prevents the mechanism from getting clogged with dirt and eliminates any irritating locking-up of the cutting blade. The only time it stops is if the tool tracks on top of concrete, thus preserving the sharpness of the cutting blade.


Lon-Groom Lawn Edger

Model #85

  • Economical single wheel design.
  • Easy “slash cut” action keeps blade sharp and prevents wheel lock.
  • All steel construction with tubular steel handle and vinyl grip.

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Lon-Groom Double Edger

Model #99

  • Deluxe double wheel design for better grip, control an increased durability.
  • Same all steel construction and “slash cut” action of the #85 Model.
  • Dependable performance unequaled by any other edger.

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Goserud tools have been developed over many generations and are carefully hand crafted to last. Each Goserud tool is a fusion of careful craftsmanship and top quality materials. Features like ground, tempered cutting blades, hot forged blade attachments, double attached handles, etc. Everything is made in America with time honored “Old World” ingenuity and craftsmanship. Authentic tools that offer honest values.