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During a time of loss, it may be difficult to find the right words to let others know of someone’s death. Here are examples you can use to let people know.

1. It is with heavy hearts that we announce the passing of our dear friend, [insert name]. [He/she] was a light in this world, and now we need to continue shining [his/her] light by carrying it within us in our own lives. Please join us for a celebration of life at [place] at [time] on [date].

2. Our dear [family member] has passed away after a long battle with [illness], and we feel at peace knowing that [he/she] can rest now. Thank you for your visits, cards, and support during this difficult time for [name] and for our family. We would like to memorialize [him/her] at [place] on [date] at [time] by celebrating [his/her] wonderful life. Please join us if you would like to remember [name] with us.

3. No one loved life more than our [family member], [name]. We know [he/she] wouldn’t want us to wallow alone in our misery, so we are hosting a memorial party to rejoice in [her/his] life and toast to our memories. We hope you will come and pay your final respects to [name] with us.

4. With the news that our [family member] died last [day of week], we have been mourning the loss of a role model, friend, and confidant. [Name] wanted us to support causes that were important to [his/her] family, so we are asking for you to consider contributions to [charity] in [his/her] honor instead of flowers. There will be a funeral mass on [date] at [time] at [place]. We hope to see you there.

5. There are few words to express the deep pain and sorrow of losing [name] to [illness]. We want to host a private and dignified ceremony with [his/her] loved ones at [place] on [date] at [time]. [He/she] wanted a traditional memorial, so please dress in black and prepare any kind words you would like to share. [Name] is survived by [his/her] loving [wife/husband],[name], and his children, [name and name], and seven grandchildren.

6. There will be a ceremony to commemorate the wonderful life of our dear [name] on [date] at [time] at [place]. [He/she] was a privilege to know and love, and we would appreciate your help in creating a memorable final farewell. [He/she] would have wanted us to make a contribution to [his/her] most beloved [name of charity] in [his/her] memory, so please consider supporting [name of charity] instead of sending flowers.

7. Although [name]’s life ended before we were ready, the time that [he/she] spent in our lives was memorable and full of joy. We want to honor [his/her] love of life with a jubilant memorial, where all emotions are welcomed and encouraged. Come with your favorite snacks, pictures, or words to share at [place] on [date] at [time]. [Name] would have wanted us together, to be real and raw, while celebrating [his/her] life.

8. With sorrow, we have to announce the death of [name] on [date]. We are mourning the loss of our friend and companion, who made an impression on everyone [he/she] met. Please join us for a scattering of [his/her] ashes. The ship will leave from [place] at [time] on [date]. We look forward to seeing you and hearing your memories of [him/her].

9. Perhaps one of the funniest people we’ve ever met, [name] was a pleasure to know and spend time with. It’s with heavy hearts we acknowledge [his/her] passing, but we know [he/she] would want us to live on and laugh loudly, so please join [name]’s celebration of life at [place] on [date] at [time]. We intend to crank up the music and tear down the house!

10. [Name] moved on from this world last [day of week]. With sadness in our hearts, we find solace in knowing that [he/she]’s in a better place. There will be an intimate gathering at [place] to share memories and farewell to our beloved [name]. Please arrive at [time] on [date].

11. Our dear [family member], [name], passed away last [day of week]. We would appreciate your help in memorializing [his/her] life. Come to [place] at [time] on [date]. We would be grateful if you would bring some of your favorite photos to share.

12. Since [name] was a wild child, I’ve decided to throw a party to celebrate that [name] finally got [his/her] wings. [He/she] wouldn’t want us to dwell in sadness, but rather celebrate [his/her] remarkable time on earth with photos, stories, and loving memories. We would love for you to join the celebration of [name]’s life at [place] on [date] at [time].

13. There’s nothing our [name] enjoyed more than a gathering of the people [he/she] loved most, so we are hosting a celebration of life in [his/her] honor. Please join us to remember the good times at [place] on [date] at [time].

14. We are sad to share the news that our beloved [family member] has passed away. Last [day of week], [he/she] left this earth, and with heavy hearts, we will be holding a memorial for [him/her]. Please grace us with your company at [place] on [date] at [time].

15. In our lives, there have been few people as special as [name]. [He/she] was someone that we felt deeply connected to, and even though [he/she] is gone now, we feel [his/her] presence throughout our day. We want to share [his/her] last moments with you at a memorial at [time] on [date] at [place], so please join us.

16. The world lost a wonderful person last [day of week], and we will never be the same without [name] in our lives. We can only hope to keep [his/her] memory alive and would love your help in doing this. The memorial for [name] will be held at [place] on [date] at [time]. Please join us in remembering [name].

17. Last week, we were saddened by the passing of [name]. We want to gather and share some memories while celebrating [his/her] life, so please join us at [place] on [date] at [time] if you can.

18. [Name] was a friend to everyone [he/she] met and made an impression on each of us, as I’m sure you agree. In [his/her] honor, we are organizing a gathering of [name]’s nearest and dearest to rejoice in the wonderful memories [he/she] made with us. Please come to [place] at [time] on [date] to celebrate [name]’s life.

19. Our [family member] was a private person and valued [his/her] close relationships, so we are planning a small celebration of life for [name]. [He/she] would only want a few of [his/her] most trusted friends and family there, so please attend this special gathering with us at [place] on [date] at [time].

20. [Name] was an integral part of our community and has been missed dearly since [his/her] death last [day of week]. There are no words to express our sorrow, but we wish to share a moment of appreciation for a joyful life taken too soon. We will hold a ceremony at [time] on [date] at [place] and hope you can join us.

21. It’s not often that life brings us someone as special as [name], and we feel fortunate to have known [him/her] when [he/she] was with us. We’re sorry to say goodbye but know that [he/she] deserves a beautiful ceremony, so please come by [place] at [time] on [date] to pass on your condolences to those in mourning.

22. Although we had to wish our [family member] goodbye last [day of week], we find solace in the outpouring of love from our friends and family. [Name] lived a life full of adventure and vitality, and we want to honor [his/her] memory with a lively celebration at [place] on [date] at [time].

23. Your presence is welcome at a gathering in the memory of [name], who passed away last [day of week]. We are shattered by [his/her] departure and would find immense comfort in your attendance at [his/her] ceremony. It will be held at [place] on [date] at [time]. We hope to see you there.

24. Our lives were changed forever when we met our friend [name]. [He/she] was a force for good in this world and always surprised us with [his/her] friendly approach to others, no matter the situation. With this celebration, we hope to emulate [name]’s zest for life and memorialize the positive things [he/she] did for all of us. I hope you will join us.

25. My heart has been heavy with the news of [name]’s passing, and I find comfort in the upcoming memorial. It will take place on [date] at [time] at [place], with [name]’s most cherished friends and family. We hope you’ll join the service and give thanks for all of [name]’s contributions that bettered our lives.

The following infographic captures the digital footprint of people from around the globe. Ever wonder what happens to your information in the afterlife? More than 35% of the world’s population uses the internet. More than 40% of social media users desire to have their accounts closed down after death. A fifth of users is unsure. Many social media sites allow the deceased’s account to become a memorial for the individual. These and more interesting facts are listed below.

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