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Updated: Aug 13, 2022, 06:41 pm

CHICAGO -- — Patrick Mahomes sure looked like he was ready to go. The one-time MVP, Super Bowl champion and four-time Pro Bowler made it look easy in his short time on the field.

Mahomes threw for 60 yards and a touchdown on Kansas City's first possession, then watched as the Chiefs lost to the Chicago Bears 19-14 in the preseason opener Saturday.

“We did what we were supposed to do,” Mahomes said. “We went out there, we were able to spread the football around, get a lot of different guys involved and found a way to get in the end zone.”

The game was the first for Chicago's Matt Eberflus as a head coach. It also marked the return to Soldier Field for predecessor Matt Nagy, now the Chiefs' quarterbacks coach. He was fired in January after leading the Bears to a 34-31 record in four seasons, then reunited with Andy Reid after previously working for him in Philadelphia and Kansas City.

Chiefs safety Justin Reid showed he could be an emergency kicker, nailing an extra point after Justin Watson caught a 22-yard touchdown from Shane Buechele in the closing seconds of the first half. Reid, who made a 65-yard field goal in a training camp practice, sent the kick right through the middle of the uprights to make it 14-0.

Reid said the coaches told him he might get an opportunity if he looked good practicing kicks during warmups.

“Pregame went pretty well, and I got the opportunity and it went down the middle,” he said. “That was awesome.”

Mahomes had no trouble playing on a chopped-up field that drew heavy criticism from the president of the NFL Players Association. He also picked apart a defense missing its two best players, with linebacker Roquan Smith in a contract standoff and the Bears holding out star pass rusher Robert Quinn.

Mahomes was 6 of 7 passing on a 72-yard drive after Chicago went three-and-out on the game's first possession. The completions were to six different receivers, which could be more of the norm after the Chiefs traded Tyreek Hill to Miami. Mahomes dumped the ball off to Blake Bell for a 5-yard TD, capping an 11-play possession — then called it a day.

“I think it's gonna come from everywhere this year,” he said. “It's gonna be hard for teams to game-plan against. ... I think the guys have kind of embraced that.”

Chicago's Justin Fields, trying to build on a shaky rookie season, was 4 of 7 for 48 yards. He played three possessions before veteran Trevor Siemian replaced him.

“I think we can improve at everything," Fields said. "Coming up on the ball, executing better. Of course there were plays where we didn’t execute as well as we wanted to, so just continually getting better each and every day and keep stacking these days.”


Smith ran and stretched during warmups and watched the game from the sideline. He threw down the gauntlet this week by going public with a trade request while insisting the Bears were not negotiating in good faith on an extension with his rookie contract expiring after this season. Management clapped back by removing him from the physically unable to perform list, opening up the possibility of fines for missing practices.


Jack Sanborn had an interception and fumble recovery in the third quarter, leading to a touchdown and field goal.

Siemian was 7 of 13 for 89 yards and two touchdowns. He threw a 12-yard TD to Trestan Ebner early in the third quarter after Sanborn picked off Buechele and a 13-yarder to Dazz Newsome that cut it to 14-13.

Cairo Santos put Chicago on top 16-14 after Sanborn recovered a fumble by running back Derrick Gore and added a 47-yarder to bump the lead to five with about six minutes left in the game.

“I think the guys did well," Eberflus said. "Just an overarching view of it, the guys operated well, there were no pre-snap penalties, very few penalties at all. I thought the kicking game operated really nice. And really, the defense played well, you know, in the second half."


Chiefs: Bell hobbled off the field with a hip injury after the Chiefs ran the ball on the first play of their second possession. ... RB Derrick Gore (neck) exited in the third.

Bears: CB Jayson Stanley (knee) left after he was injured covering a punt in the second quarter. ... DB Michael Joseph (hamstring) limped off the field in the second after he landed awkwardly defending a pass. ... LB Javin White (knee) left in the third.


Chiefs: Host Washington on next Saturday.

Bears: Visit Seattle on Thursday.


Bears 19-14 Chiefs (Aug 13, 2022) Game Recap - ESPN (2024)


How many times have the Bears beat the Chiefs? ›

The Chicago Bears have a 7-7 record versus the Chiefs all-time.
10 more rows

Who was on the Bears when they won the Super Bowl? ›

Chicago was coached by Mike Ditka and featured Hall of Famers Walter Payton on offense and Richard Dent, Dan Hampton, and Mike Singletary on defense. Buddy Ryan's famous "46" defense, which allowed an NFL-best 12.4 points per game, featured nine Pro Bowlers along with an All-Pro defensive tackle, Steve McMichael.

Who did the Bears pick up from Kansas City Chiefs? ›

The Bears on Tuesday placed rookie linebacker Jack Sanborn on injured reserve and signed veteran linebacker Elijah Lee off the Chiefs practice squad.

How many championships do the Bears have before the Super Bowl? ›

The Chicago Bears American football franchise is a charter member of the National Football League (NFL), and has played in all of the league's 100 seasons. The team has captured nine NFL championships – eight NFL championships and one Super Bowl – second most all time behind the Green Bay Packers.

Have the Bears ever been undefeated? ›

In 1934, and again in 1942, the Bears posted undefeated and untied regular season records.

What were the Chicago Bears originally called? ›

The franchise that became the Bears was founded by businessman A.E. Staley in 1920 and was first known as the Decatur (Illinois) Staleys. George Halas became player-coach of the new team, which he relocated to Chicago in 1921 after Staley handed the young franchise over to him.

What does GSH stand for in Chicago Bears? ›

The GSH on the arm of the Bears' uniform is an honor of George Stanley Halas, aka Papa Bear. Halas was the founder and original owner of the Chicago Bears franchise.

Was Patrick Mahomes' first round? ›

- Quarterback Patrick Mahomes - who Kansas City selected in the first round of the 2017 NFL Draft - is off to the greatest start for any quarterback in NFL history by several statistical measures.

Who is the 26 on the Kansas City Chiefs? ›

Deon Bush - Kansas City Chiefs Safety - ESPN.

Who was Mighty Mouse on the Chiefs? ›

Mark D. McMillian (born April 29, 1970), nicknamed "Mighty Mouse", is a former American football cornerback who played professionally in the National Football League (NFL) for eight seasons.

How many times the Bears went to the Super Bowl? ›

The Chicago Bears have played in 2 games in Super Bowls all-time.

How many times have the Bears won? ›

The Chicago Bears have played over 1,000 games in their history, and have had eight NFL Championships victories and one Super Bowl win. The Bears' nine championships are the second most by any team in NFL history. The franchise has captured 18 NFL divisional titles and four NFL conference championships.

How many wins do the Chiefs have all-time? ›

The Kansas City Chiefs have 532 wins all-time.

What was the Bears best record? ›

The Chicago Bears had their best record in a season in 1942 and in 1934, with a record of 11-0.
24 more rows

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