Indian Matchmaking's Vinay Reveals What Really Happened With Nadia—And What You Didn't See On TV - E! Online (2024)

Whenviewers first met Nadia Jagessar in Netflix's hit show Indian Matchmaking, the bubbly New Jersey event planner was instantly relatable in her search for love.

"My ultimate hope for this is just to meet a nice Indian guy who is kind of on the same page as me,"Nadia told Mumbai's top matchmaker Sima Tapariaon the reality series'first episode. "I'm really ready to put in the time and effort it takes to meet somebody and I am hoping they're willing to do the same."

Although it didn't work out with her first match, Ravi "Guru" Singh, things for Nadia started to take a positive turn after her date withfitness entrepreneur Vinay Chadha.

Fanswatched these two immediately connect over the course of several episodes, with their blossoming romancegiving viewers hope. However, thatcame to a screeching halt when Vinay seemed to flake on his planned movie date with Nadia.Then, weekslater, he didn't show up to what appeared to be a pre-planned dessert date in which he was set to meet her friends for the first time.

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Viewers empathized with Nadia asthey watched her tearful reaction to these two roadblocks, which ultimately resulted in the end of their relationship. And today, it's stillone of the more popular conversations to come out of Matchmaking, especially given Vinay's conflicting response that he shared on Instagramoutlining his version of the timeline of their relationship versus what played out on screen.

"I think what happened on the show,"Vinay exclusively told E! News, "was they tried to combine a couple of things into one and I think the story just got a little distorted."

To get the full breakdown of Vinay's side of the story, keep reading.


E! News:Overall, how was your experience on Indian Matchmaking?

Vinay Chadha: The show was overall a great experience for me. I'm very happy I did it. At the end of the day, I know what a reality show is in that they showx amount of hours over a course ofx amount of months and they're only showing it in 20-minute episodes. So, things get broken up and things will get edited in certain ways. Unfortunately for me, it got edited in a way that wasn't nearly as true to myself and true to what actually happened.

E!: At what point did Sima present you withNadia's biodata—and what was yourinitial reaction?

VC: I actually didn't get the biodata through Sima, I got it through one of the producers so I didn't actually have much contact with Sima. I think that's more so because I was more of a date, not one of the main characters. I only had spoken to her for about five minutes one time. From the first impression, I thought Nadia was very beautiful and very interesting. What you saw in that episode, on our first date, that was very real. We hit it off so well and it was so genuine and pure. That was one of the best first dates I ever had. And from that we actually did end up dating for about two months.

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E!: From there, what went wrong?

VC: There was one night after a wedding, which was not on air, and this is what happened: We were supposed to hang out after and I did text her that I had a family emergency. She wasn't happy about it. I can see that she lost confidence in me, so I actually got her flowers and I ordered her [cookies]. And then [weeks later] we were planning to go see Toy Story 4. That morning, I cancelled because I had a fever. Overall, the reaction from her wasn't that pleasant. I tried my hardest to effectively communicate to her, but I think at that point the relationship was on its way down. I did try to call her and meet up, but she wasn't available and our relationship pretty much ended there. And that was the last time I ever spoke to her.So, whenever you see that scene with her friends at that dessert place, I would have loved to have been invited to hang out with her friends but I never was given that chance.

E!:On the show, viewers saw Nadia reacting to a last minute text you allegedly sent canceling on her for dessert because of a fight with your sister. But you're saying that didn't happen?

VC:I don't have any text that say I was fighting with my sister. I went back and looked. So, I don't know how that ended up making it on there or why that happened, but I can only speak to the truth and the truthis I was never invited to that andhave no record of that day ever being an option to go to.

E!:What's the timeline of your actual relationship then?

VC: We met on Wednesday, May 22. And then the day that I actually didn't make it to that wedding with her, which was the only day that was never aired, was June 28. On that day is when I sent the gifts. And then July 18 was the day we were supposed to see Toy Story 4. After July 18, we had no communication.

E!: And you still haven't talked to her?

VC: No. I tried to reach out a couple times, but to no avail.

E!: It seems like Nadia has a different version of what happened.What do you have to say to that?

VC:At the end of the day, the show was following her and it's her story. She has a right to say what she feels happened and things are edited in a certain way.

(E! News has reached out to Nadia for comment)

E!: If you could talk to Nadia today, what would you say to her?

VC: I would just want to hear from her perspective as to what actually went down. Like I said, I have no ill will toward her and I have nothing negative to say about her at this point. I would just want to have that talk to understand what actually went down and then for us to get to a point where we can just both be happy for each other. That would be the best situation for me.

This interview has been condensed and edited for clarity.

Indian Matchmaking's Vinay Reveals What Really Happened With Nadia—And What You Didn't See On TV - E! Online (2024)
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