Interactive Ice Bowl Exhibit (2024)

1. Exhibit Updates - Green Bay Packers Hall of Fame

  • Spanning three generations, fans can play as Bart Starr in the Ice Bowl, Brett Favre in the Monday Night Miracle game, or as Aaron Rodgers in his comeback ...

2. Great Places to Go Near Wisconsin Interactive Ice Bowl Exhibit in June ...

  • Things to do near Wisconsin Interactive Ice Bowl Exhibit · 1. Irvine Park Zoo. Irvine Park Zoo. Distance: 24.12km. Address: Chippewa Falls, WI 54729, United ...

  • Great places to go near Wisconsin Interactive Ice Bowl Exhibit in June (updated 2024) | Here, you can find the best travel guides, transportation routes as well as nearby hotels and restaurants, book discounted attraction tickets, etc. Read reviews of various attractions from other tourists, and use them to help plan your own itinerary.

3. The Ice Bowl - Wisconsin Broadcasting Museum

4. C.J.: If you dare, up close & personal with KFAN's rabid Carl Gerbschmidt

5. Hall of Fame Exhibits

  • With dynamic displays and interactive exhibits, the Hall of Fame always has something new to discover. ... Ice Bowl Theater. Celebrate each era of Packers greats, ...

  • A trip to Lambeau Field is not complete without a visit to the Packers Hall of Fame, where fans can experience the legacy of the greatest story in sports. With dynamic displays and interactive exhibits, the Hall of Fame always has something new to discover. Embark on a journey through more than a century of football history by exploring the team's humble beginnings, sitting at Vince Lombardi's desk and getting goosebumps in the 13 Below Ice Bowl Theater. Celebrate each era of Packers greats, relive the heart-pounding victories and honor the greatness of each championship in the Hall of Fame's trophy room. With one-of-a-kind artifacts sourced from players of the past and present, engaging galleries and highlight reels, learn why the story of the Green Bay Packers continues to inspire fans of all generations.

6. Move To These Secluded Towns In Wisconsin If You Wanna Get Away

  • 19 apr 2021 · He curates both a Green Bay Packers wax museum and an Ice Bowl exhibit in his personal residence. Best of all, if you live nearby, you can ...

  • Why deal with the stress of the hustle and bustle of the big city when you can spread out, slow down, and enjoy life?

7. Dundonald International Ice Bowl - Visit Belfast

  • Dundonald International Ice Bowl features Northern Ireland's only public Olympic size ice rink, the Indiana Land play kingdom and Xtreme Tenpin Bowling.

8. Associated Bank | Titletown Near Lambeau Field

  • This interactive exhibit gives all fans free access to score prizes, suit up ... Ice Bowl. Learn More. No items found. Browse The Menu. Weekly Specials. Salad ...

  • Learn about Associated Bank at Titletown near Lambeau Field.

Interactive Ice Bowl Exhibit (2024)
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