Hi, my name is Gustaf Goserud, but please call me ‘Gus’. I came from Norway over 50 years ago and brought with me the designs and ideas for the unique, high quality tools you see here. In farming the land for centuries my village learned respect for the land and developed tools to most easily and effectively work it. Every tool you see here is designed to make your gardening as simple and easy as possible.

Because of my Norwegian background people often say that our tools are made in America – with time honored “Old World” ingenuity and craftsmanship. I just say we make tools with our hearts as much as our hands.

A Goserud tool is a pleasure to own and use. It costs more than a mass produced model, but long after that other tool is bent or broken the Goserud tool will still be working wonders. Tools of exceptional quality, utility and value. I hope you will enjoy our tools – and pass them on to your children.