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Zach’s Season of The Bachelor just ended with a proposal. But is his final pick still here? We’re breaking down The Bachelor Season 27 Finale. It’s a big night for bachelor nation. We just watched how Zach’s season of the Bachelor ended, which was emotional.

The Bachelor Season 27 Finale episode was a roller coaster of many emotions. We first saw Ariel come out and talk about all that happened on Fantasy Suite Week. Then we saw the family dates with Gabi and Katie. And then we saw the final one-on-ones before Zach decided on Proposal Day.

Both dates went pretty well with Katie and Gabi, but they ended with Zach unsure who he would choose. I’m not going to lie; this was the first time I genuinely liked it, but I was unsure who he would pick.

The Bachelor Season 27 Ending

Gabi and Zach go sit down at the beach, and it’s here where things take a little turn after Gabi asks Zach how he’s feeling. And Zach didn’t know the right answer to this, so he said he “doesn’t know because it’s the biggest decision of his life.” Zach’s trying to be honest, but this could have been done with some filtering. Because now Gabi is completely in her head.

The Bachelor Season 27 Ending Explained: Are Zach And Katie Still Together? - OtakuKart (1)

I’m not a body language specialist, but it doesn’t look like Gabi wants to hear how hard it will be to pick her. Gabi wants to be reassured of why it should be her. And ever since the Rose ceremony, where he wouldn’t look her in the eye, her intuition has been telling her something’s off.

And for the rest of their time together, Gabi constantly swaps between telling Zach she’s so excited to be with him and that she’s terrified, she’s once again going to be someone’s second choice. But this, along with more talk about how his “heart is split in two,” is all Zach can give her. And that is not enough to wash away Gabi’s fears.

The show then gives us a pallet cleanser of more Sean Lowe and his wife, Catherine. Here Jesse Palmer asks Sean how he felt Zach handled fantasy suites, and Sean says, “he was OK.” So let’s skip this and get to the final rose ceremony.

Zach Dumps Gabi

First, as Zach picks out a ring, we discover that it’s not only Uncle Pat and the sound that won’t appear in this finale. But then it’s time for the big moment. If you’re a veteran of this franchise, you’ll know that the first person out of the limo is always getting dumped.

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So Gabi walks towards Zach, thinking, “If it were me, I think I’d know it was me. But on the other hand, I want this so badly that I’m willing to walk out here in the small chance it truly is me”. And so Zach begins his monologue about their journey. However, when it gets to that awkward part in the speech where Zach says the dreaded “But, “Gabi immediately stops him, telling him he doesn’t have to say it.

Gabi knew he wouldn’t pick her, and she was right; he didn’t. That was Gabi’s greatest insecurity, feeling like the second choice. And now Zach is saying that to her while she stands there once again, second.

So Gabi tells him that she will be OK, and even that Katie is a very special person, but she doesn’t want, nor does she need, his apologies. And as Gabi laments feeling unlovable, we cut back to the live studio audience, where she’s already in the hot seat, ready to talk about the breakup, her intuition, and why she continued to push through despite what her gut was telling her.

Next, they bring out Zach, and here Gabi describes one of the things that hurt the most about everything that went down during fantasy suites.

She says that the morning after the Fantasy Suite, Zach told her this sex thing was just between them. So when he came to her hotel room to talk about it on camera, she felt blindsided. And while she gets what his intentions were, in trying to be honest, what she wishes would have happened was that he warned her that he would use her name and tell everyone what had happened because she didn’t know he was going to do that.

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And in fact, Gabi didn’t know he had told everyone until she watched it on TV last week. So when Zach was speaking at that final three rose ceremony, as she puts it, he was only speaking to Katie. Because Ariel didn’t know the full picture of what was happening, nor did Gabi.

Well, Jesse Palmer then cuts Gabi off as they’re running out of time, you know, cause we needed that 30 minutes talking to Sean Lowe, but not extra time to hear Gabi’s side of things. So Zach apologizes and admits he handled things wrong, knowing he hurt her in his attempt. After watching Gabi’s heart get ripped out of her chest, we must somehow sit through Zach’s happy proposal.

Zach Propose Katie

Katie comes out, walks up to Zach, and after another long speech about their time together. It wouldn’t be the Bachelor. Without one last fake out. He says he is not falling in love with her because now he IS in love with her. Why does like every Bachelor do this? Is this not cruel at this point in the show?

So Zach then gets down on one knee and proposes, and she says Yes. And there you have it, our happy couple, newly engaged as Katie gets the final rose and is ushered out into the studio for their first public appearance as a couple. And yes, they’re still a couple, as they’re planning to move in together in Austin, where they’re both from, and probably could have met on a dating app, but whatever.

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But beyond this, they all say they will enjoy dating a bit before a maybe 2025 wedding. And I truly do wish them the best. I hope they’re happy together. I hope they both enthusiastically want to get married.

And boy, do I hope they’re ready for the swarm of comments and criticisms. Because at this point, regardless of how you feel about the couple, the Bachelor and his final pick breaking up at some point have become a statistical probability. Maybe Zach really will follow in the footsteps of his BFF Sean Lowe and find a happily ever after that sticks.

The Bachelor Season 27 Ending Explained

So yeah, as I said at the end of the day, Zach’s final pick was Katie. She started by saying so many beautiful things about her and Zach, her love for Zach, and how she never knew love until she fell in love with Zach. And Zach teased her a little, saying that he couldn’t say anymore that he was falling in love with her, and then he paused for a while and finally said, “I can say I’m so in love with you.”

Zach got down on one knee, popped the question, and flashed his beautiful, gorgeous ring; she said Yes, and they rode away together on a boat. It was a beautiful proposal. They look great together. And I think that Katie is a really good choice for Zach.

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For all those concerned about the major spoiler and rumor lurking around Bachelor nation the past couple of weeks regarding this ending. If you weren’t aware, there were rumors that Zach and Katie did leave the show together; they broke up. And after filming Women Tell All, Zach got back with Jess.

Well, it was not true, as Jesse brought Katie out, and she and Zach are still very much together, very much engaged, and they shared that they have plans to move in together this summer. And are also looking at planning a wedding in 2025.

So there we have it. Zach’s season of the Bachelet it ed happy and in an engagement that hasn’t happened on the Bachelor since Peter Webber’s season, which is kind of crazy. But it wasn’t without first a crushing, gut-wrenching breakup with Gabi.

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The Bachelor Season 27 Ending Explained: Are Zach And Katie Still Together? - OtakuKart (2024)
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