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The new journey for love on The Bachelor Season 27 has begun, and this time around, the production is teasing us with something we haven’t seen in this franchise in what feels like forever, actual romance. So could this be the season that finally delivers a happy ending for the Bachelor, including an engagement? Well, let’s break it down. Who does Zach end up with on The Bachelor Season 27?

For this, we will need to take a look at The Bachelor Season 27 preview and see if there’s hope for this franchise yet. We will go through all the shots, women’s one-on-one dates, and Locations to filter out the women from 20 to 11, then get the final 4, and finally to The One who Zach would choose.

The Bachelor Season 27 Preview Breakdown: Let’s Find Who Zach Ends Up With

So as is normal in The Bachelor Season previews, the opening shots will showcase some of the exciting adventures that Zach, the woman, will be having in this upcoming season. But here, what I’m looking for isn’t just who’s going on this skydiving date with Zach, who looks to be Aly, or who is smooching up with Zach on a one-on-one, who looks to be Katie.

But what interests me in this The Bachelor Season 27 preview are the locations. Because if we’re able to figure out where the final filming location is, then we have pretty much everything we need to pin down who’s in Zack’s final three and who could be winning his heart. And thankfully, we now have that, so we can map out where the season is headed and approximately when.

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I had done some of this soothing way back when Paradise finished. However, at that point, we had still yet to determine where the final The Bachelor Season 27 filming location was. We knew that they went from the Bachelor Mansion to the Bahamas, to London, and then to Hungary and Estonia, or Estonia and Hungary.

The order of those two is still unclear, but either way, it’s right before hometowns, and then we have the end of the season. But the opening footage, along with a teaser Bachelor people posted on their socials before the premiere, gives us that last location.

So as told to us in this teaser promo, the final filming location will be in Thailand. Information that makes this shot of a woman with dark hair on a boat in the preview is the most interesting shot from this first bit of footage.

As the writing on the boat looks to be in Thai, meaning right here we already have one of our women who’s going to be in the top three, and I, for one, am pretty certain I know who this is, but we’ll go over more of the locations and what this all means for the direction of the season as we go along.

The Top 11 Women

In the Season 27 Preview, we see footage from Jolly Old England as the gang will be headed to London for the season’s midpoint. This is also something we noted in the first Look preview as we had this shot with the top eleven women, and now we get an even clearer view.

This is something that’s going to make our soothing for the first half of the season incredibly easy as we now know our top level consists of Catherine, Brooklyn, Greer, Aly, Jess, Katie, Charity, Gabi, Mercedes, Ariel, and Kylie.

So take note of who is not amongst this group, including Christina Mandrell, who made a splash with Zack on Night one and seems to get an early one-on-one that includes a helicopter ride. A pretty strong start that apparently quickly turns into a swift downfall. Maybe if she was more into Dragons than dinosaurs, she would have made it to London.

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Then in the preview, we have a date with a blonde woman that could definitely be in Thailand, a date with Ariel, and then a look at Charity’s date in Estonia, which will be an episode or two before hometowns. Again, something we talked about in the first look preview breakdown.

Tropical Locations

Then I would like to point out something that was not showcased in this preview but definitely raised some eyebrows in the last one, something that seems to happen during this early-in-the-season group date.

The show is bringing back Victoria F, and in the secondary preview from the Bachelor socials, we can see she also brings along past contestant Tajwan as well as arguably the most iconic villain in Bachelor history, Courtney Robertson.

Now in the last preview, they teased something along the lines of Tajwan wanting to join the season, which definitely could be possible considering she seems to be crashing the night portion of the group date based on Zack’s different clothing at the earlier date than what he’s wearing during this other part of the date.

However, we know this won’t turn out to be anything as Tajwan is known amongst the women seen in London. But hey, at least we know that even though this season is being touted as one romance, there’s still going to be drama.

Although this preview, the main thing I’m looking for is more Thailand footage, we can’t get too excited whenever we see a tropical location like this. I mean, for one, we obviously can’t be in Thailand here, as when the shot moves along, there are way more women than a final three.

And that’s because the gang’s first location after the Bachelor Mansion is going to be The Bahamas. I sleuthed that out in the last preview based on a shot of an underwater statue that is found in the Bahamas. We also know that they had to go to the Bahamas after the Bachelor’s mansion for multiple reasons.

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Before this, it was simply due to logistics. It made sense that the itinerary would be California, the Bahamas, and then the Europe Locations at the same time. But on top of that, we can also see women like Genevieve in the Bahamas shot, but not here in London. Not a shocking revelation, I know, but one that solidifies our timeline.

So basically, what I’m trying to say here is if we see a beach, we have to be very careful, as a shot like this with Brooklyn could simply be one-on-one in the Bahamas, which is early on in the season. Oh, and then in this other shot, I think it’s Zach and Aly from their skydiving date scene earlier.

Gabi Is The Girl On The Boat?

There is arguably the most important section of the preview. Not because we’ve got more one-on-one footage from Europe with Katie and then Brooklyn or Ali once again on her skydiving date, where Zach matches the one he’s in jumping out of the plane, but because of the Thailand shots. We get a shot of Zach with that same dark-haired woman on a horseback riding date.

But take note of what they’re both wearing, doesn’t seem to match what they’re wearing in the boat shot (that I talked about at the start), and that would indicate that these are two different dates. And having two different dates in Thailand would then imply that this woman is not only making it into the top three but the top two.

Now take no once more of their outfits seen both in the boat shot and the one shown right after, and match that up with his shot from the latest section of the preview. It is a perfect match with Gabi. The outfits, her hair, and her build all seem to line up. And better yet, this isn’t blatant footage. A lot of the stuff we’re seeing with Gabi is very sheltered. I’ll talk about why that’s important as we get to the end of the article.

Zach Falling In Love With Ariel?

And then comes the “I Love you’s” in the preview. First, we have audio thrown on top of this date with Aly, which could all still be from the night portion of that skydiving date. Do note, though, that she’s got a rose here, so whatever happens, she won’t be going home at the end of this date.

Who Does Zach End Up With On The Bachelor Season 27? Is Gabi The One? - OtakuKart (4)

Then there’s more Ariel as she, too, is falling for Zach, and then we get this shot with Zach seemingly telling Charity that he’s falling for her. However, we can’t fully trust this shot. It’s incredibly common for the editors to take a touching or dramatic moment said by one person and throw in a reaction from someone else that could be from a completely different moment to throw us off.

I mean, yeah, this could be something that Zach says to Charity, as we know she makes it a good distance this season, but we also can’t rule out that this is a fake-out. I guess we’ll just have to see how it actually plays out. It would be the Bachelor without a post-one-on-one make-out in front of some fireworks. Plus, there are some more one-on-one shots we’ll mark down that could be useful later.

We get another potential Thailand shot of Charity’s date in Estonia and more of Ariel on that same hot tub date we saw earlier. And after a section with Katie getting emotional about Zach, now we’re into the drama section of the preview. The girl crying on the stairs is Christina Mandrell, and take note, we’re still in the mansion.

Then I’d like to point out that Charity’s dress in a later shot in the preview matches the dress she was wearing in the potential fake-out shot from earlier. It’s also interesting to note that it’s not the same dress she’s wearing in her one-on-one Estonia.

Katie Meeting Zack’s Parents?

Then we have Catherine getting emotional, saying she wonders if Zach misses her as much as she misses him. We know Catherine makes it to the top 11, but with how little she’s in any other part of the preview apart from this one-on-one in the Bahamas, she’ll likely be an elimination at some point in Europe. Otherwise, here we’re just getting random shots that seem to be while there’s still in the mansion, so it’s a little value to us.

Who Does Zach End Up With On The Bachelor Season 27? Is Gabi The One? - OtakuKart (5)

There is quite a bit of interesting footage in a section that could help us figure out the fate of a few women. First and foremost is here with Katie, who is really present in this The Bachelor preview. So this shot immediately gives me the final two vibes as she’s seen in a tropical location in the day, saying what she has with Zach is amazing.

The phrasing of which makes me think she’s not talking to Zach, but she could easily be talking to one of his family members. Something that typically only happens when the lead brings their final two to meet the family before a potential proposal.

To give you a comparison, see some shots of the past final two sitting down during their family dates, and let me know if you think the vibe matches as well. Then we also get a moment with Jess, and she’s upset she hasn’t gotten any one-on-one.

Jess is among the women who make it to London, but it’s also true that she’s very absent from the previews, so perhaps as things get closer to hometowns, she starts to wonder why she’s even here if she hasn’t gotten the one-on-one yet. I doubt she’ll make it past this moment and goes home somewhere in Europe. Oh, and lastly, then there is Brooklyn on a Bahamas one-on-one, and a shot of who I think is Ariel.

Christina And Gree are Going Home

Then there is Christina Mandrell from that shot we talked about earlier, saying she’s being set up, paired along with another dramatic moment with Zach and Anastasia. All of this is from early on, and neither of these women makes it to London, so as far as soothing goes, there’s not much more to say.

But it’ll be interesting to see Christina’s fall from grace as she goes from early contender night one to one-on-one date to whatever happens here. And if the previous is to be believed and Brooklyn is involved in this drama, we know she has made it far, so Zach seems to be siding with Brooklyn on this one.

Who Does Zach End Up With On The Bachelor Season 27? Is Gabi The One? - OtakuKart (6)

Then we are getting one last drama section before a big potential fake out, tons of tears, and very little context, but the one shot I want to point out is this one with Greer. Now, Greer did get the first impression of rose, but this is one of the only times we see her all preview, and she’s in tears.

Also, if we go to the pre-show preview that they gave us before the first episode began, one that mostly consists of footage we have already seen before, we do get a little bit of extra context at this moment in a shot with Greer and then a shot of Zach.

Definitely looks like one of those moments where the lead or the contestant tells a producer they need to talk to the other person, and we have a day visit that ends in a breakup. Something that commonly happens at least once a season. So don’t expect Greer to be getting the last rose to go along with their first impression.

Zach’s Proposal Getting Turned Down?

Then in the later shots, the preview seems to be implying that Zach is ready to propose, and then he gets shut down. However, there are two potential fake-outs at play right here. The first is the true nature of this bit of footage, of him waking at some tourist spot, as the location is off, and this does not look like Thailand. The next is Zach’s outfit in each of these moments.

The preview ends with Zach seemingly heartbroken and saying true love is worth fighting for. So let’s now talk about this engagement fake-out. First and foremost, the outfit Zack is wearing at that tourist spot doesn’t match what he’s wearing in the later shot in the night.

Check out the Red Pocket square and the Pinker shirt in the night shot. Then in the tourist shot, we see a different shirt and a different pocket square. Not to mention this looks to be taking place at the Fisherman’s Bastion in Budapest, Hungary.

So unless they go to Thailand and then come back to Hungary for the proposal, what’s most likely happening here is that production has filmed fake proposal footage while they are in Budapest to use as B roll. Or, of course, you know it’s a conspiracy to purposefully mislead us in this preview. I still firmly believe that Zach has a traditional ending that includes a final two and an engagement.

Who Does Zach End Up With On The Bachelor Season 27? Is Gabi The One? - OtakuKart (7)

Check out these lines we hear from the preview they showed us at the beginning of the night one episode. In that footage, Zach says, “this is my worst fear, falling in love with two people. It’s terrifying”.

Then he says, “I found my best friend, and it feels really good.” So Zach has said he’s falling in love with two people, and he’s found his best friend. All this in a shot that’s paired with Zach looking at a ring in a place that definitely matches with Thailand.

Who Does Zach End Up With On The Bachelor Season 27?

But if Zach is planning to get down on one knee, who will he be getting engaged to? I think that person is Gabi. Here’s why. So first and foremost, we have strong evidence to suggest she not only makes it into the final three but could be on two dates in Thailand, thus in the final two. But on top of that, she’s also been very sheltered from the previews.

In all the previous The Bachelor season previews, the final pick was very sheltered, meaning they were present in the preview but often hidden in shots where they could be fully identified or not over-showcased. Gabi definitely falls into that category. Not to mention, she was not a major story piece in the first episode. In fact, she was fairly off my radar, and yet she got quite a bit of interview time over the course of the episode.

Narratively, an editor would do that in order for us to get familiar with her as someone who will be an important part of the season later on, but without making things too obvious. And if we compare her to Katie, someone else who I’ve mentioned as a potential final two. Kitty is definitely not sheltered, as she showcased quite a bit.

Who Does Zach End Up With On The Bachelor Season 27? Is Gabi The One? - OtakuKart (8)

So this time, I’m going with Gabi as Zach’s final pick. This final four also consists of Katie, Charity, Brooklyn, and maybe Ariel. How did I get to these four? Well, by process of elimination.

Let’s take a look at this London shot of our top 11. We’ll cross off Catherine for the reasons we mentioned earlier and Greer for that crime footage that could be a breakup. Then Ally is just not showcased enough except for that one date. And we also talked about Jess getting eliminated, so we’ll cross her off too. Then finally, there’s Mercedes and Kylie, who are showcased even less than Aly, so they’re getting crossed as well.

The Final Four Women

This leaves us with five women, Brooklyn, Katie, Charity, Gabi, and Ariel. Now my only hangup is who between Brooklyn and Ariel gets a hometown. My gut is telling me Brooklyn is based on her having more deep footage than Ariel in these previews. However, there is this shot that kind of looks like it’s with Ariel and could potentially be in Thailand.

So I did a little digging because heading back to this shot here and the whole thing engagement break-off stuff, I realized this had to be from somewhere, right, somewhere in Europe. So I started Googling places in Estonia and Hungary, and I think I found the spot. It’s from the castle in Budapest, and who do we know that’s been seen on a one-on-one in Hungary?

Well looks like Katie as well as Brooklyn, with this shot being from the first Look preview. Now I don’t think Katie is going to get eliminated, as I’ve marked her for a potential final two spot, but Brooklyn is definitely vulnerable.

So, in short, my suspicion is that the night footage of Zach in the suit is actually from the end of Zach and Brooklyn’s one-on-one date in Hungary, a date right before hometowns, where Zach decides not to give Brooklyn a rose, meaning Ariel is going to get the last hometown spot. And so there you have it. Who does Zach end up with in The Bachelor Season 27? It’s Gabi.

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Who Does Zach End Up With On The Bachelor Season 27? Is Gabi The One? - OtakuKart (2024)
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